Thursday, October 11, 2012


It has been quite a while since I posted last and boy have things changed in that time! When I started this blog I was going to be taking a month off work to recharge, reassess, and redecorate. About a week and a half into that break from work my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first bundle of joy! A week later we found out that he got the okay from his boss to move home! So needless to say, things are not only different for our small family they are absolutely wonderful.
So why the long break from the blog? Well I was kind of confused as to what to do now. I had no idea what to do and what direction to take the blog since we wouldn't be living in the house much longer and would be kind of silly to spend much more money decorating it the way I wanted to. Once everything had some time to sink in and we talked about things I realized that we still have to live in this house for a few more while I might not do all the things I had in mind at first, I can still make the house enjoyable and liveable as well as document the building of my business. So there it is, change directions and keep on moving on!
I have really been working hard the past few weeks to build up my stock of wreaths and other house and holiday decorations. I am signed up for three festivals in the next few months so I will certainly be keeping busy trying to prepare for those!
I am so happy to be back and have new life to bring to this blog! Can't wait to spend the holidays crafting and blogging! Speaking of holidays...I thought I would finish this post up with at little Halloween spirit from a spooky Snugget (that's what we are calling baby since we aren't finding out what we are having).

Hope you enjoy this little skeleton face as much as we do. It is such a joy to watch my Snugget grow!