Monday, April 29, 2013

The Grand Tour

As promised, I am here to give you the grand tour of our new house! I just want to prepare you for the 1977 fabulousness you are about to see...about 90% of the carpet and paint are original to the house. I know....gross. Some of the pictures aren't the best And we are missing a few good ones of certain rooms because my husband took these when he went for the inspection, I had to stay in Texas because I was 9 months along with our little SnugBug.

Finally...the reveal:
This is the front, quite a bit different than the traditional southern style home I envisioned us purchasing! Needless to say the landscaping has quite a way to go! And by quite a way I mean we have to pull everything and start over! 

Sadly this is the best before shot we have of the arboretum! Yes, there is a tree right beyond the front door! A 14ft ficus tree growing from a hole in the foundation!! I am sure it was a cool idea at first but forty years of no maintenance and it was just a tall skinny tree intertwined in the ceiling fan!

This is a peak at the kitchen. Not a bad size and the only appliance we have to replace is the cooktop...not bad! What you see in the middle there would be a Jenn Air grill in our island. As antique as it may be, it won't make it through the renovations.

This is the best example of how fabulous the wallpapering is in this house! Yes, the shower curtain matches the wallpaper, and yes, the curtain rod was wrapped in matching fabric! Geez!

This is the living area. Not a bad space if you love pink on pink, yes the carpet is pink too. This room was easy to see the potential with the high ceilings and abundance of natural light. And just wait to see what we are doing with the fireplace...

My Office!! I get this whole room with vaulted ceilings and built in cabinets to use as my craft space! This was the best before picture I have since they went right to work on this space. I am so excited about this space because I get to do whatever my creative heart desires here!

The last picture I am going to leave you with is this one...
Yep, that is wallpaper on the ceiling! and no picture we had did justice to the blinding yellow paint that was on the walls. I feel sorry for the small child that had to spend time in here.

Well, there it is! That is the majority of the house in all its 1977 grandeur. Lots of work has already been started so I am anxious to start getting some after photos up for you!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Limb Loss Awareness Love

I thought I would sneak in another quick post since the little man and I have had such a good morning! He slept for 5 hours last night!! I know its not a whole night's sleep but oh how much easier it is to function with that many consecutive hours of sleep!!

I really just wanted to give a quick shout out to my Daddy. April is Limb Loss Awareness Month and..well..he just happens to be my favorite amputee!

In 1994 he lost both of his legs when he was electrocuted while at work as a lineman for an electric company. He was only 26 years old. I was 6 and my brother was just 2 years old. With such overwhelming circumstances set before him it would be easy to understand if he was angry about what happened, but that is not my dad. There was no anger, only determination. Determination to live life for himself and his family.

Growing up it was just normal to my brother and I to have a dad with no legs! I mean other than that he wasn't any different from our friend's dads, he still coached our baseball teams, brought us to rodeos, and kept us in line {on the rare occasion we were anything other than angels of course(: } If anything I think it enriched our childhood by showing us that you can't let anything slow you down. He taught us so much without saying a word because his actions and attitude spoke volumes!

Since the minute he woke up in the hospital he has defied the odds and overcome any obstacle that was in his way. He is an inspiration to everyone that knows him. I know you don't really care to be in the spotlight Daddy, but it's too late...I've just let everyone know what a wonderful person you are! I love you so much!

I am cruising over to the Sunday Social, please follow me there and find some more amazing blogs!

Let's Get Social Sunday

I would love to hear about an amputee in your life that has been an inspiration to you.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'll take all major life changes at once...Thanks!

Whirlwind doesn't even begin to explain the last two months of my life! My little Snugget arrived, we bought a house and are moving home next month! Is there a level past exhaustion?...Because that's where I am right now. 

First I would like to introduce my Snugget to you.
Meet Mr. Gregory Patrick Snedigar!
March 7, 2013 @ 6:08AM
7lb 10oz - 21.5"
To say the least this has been the best month of my life. He has brought so much joy to my husband and I! Even at 2AM I can't be mad because this little face is smiling at me.
As if being a new mommy isn't hard enough we decided to buy a house, in another state and travel back and forth to renovate and pack at the same time. Yep. At just two weeks old my little man made the long trip from Texas to Louisiana so we could begin renovations on our new home. When I say renovations I mean RENOVATIONS! The house was built in '77 and still had original carpet...EWW!! So every room had to be repainted and carpet pulled and concrete stained...and that's just the beginning!
I am so excited to share the transformation of this house with you! I know, I know, the suspense is killing you...what are we working with here. Well you it is...
Strange I know, but it was the right deal in the right neighborhood!
I will be posting more pictures as rooms get finished! 
Coming up this week..I'll give you a tour of the house pre-renovations there are some surprises waiting in this house you won't believe!

Thought I would leave off with a picture of my sweet pea!