Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby Prep Day

Well I have been up cleaning since 6:30 this morning. I guess this is when the heavy duty nesting kicks in! The house has been bugging me a little but I gave it a good once over and got things back to order so I feel much better. Ryan, of course, got to sleep through all of this and wake up to a sparkling house! I must admit though that he is being a super husband today because I sent him to the grocery store with the longest, most detailed list ever and he left with a smile on his face! 

I still feel rather unprepared for the arrival of Snugget despite the amount of goodies we racked up at our showers! Please tell me that no one ever feels truly prepared for their first day of parenthood and I am not alone in this feeling! To help alleviate some of the stress I am preparing lots of crock pot freezer meals to have ready for when the time comes. I used to think that the crock pot was for people who didn't really know how to cook...growing up the crock pot was ONLY for warming meatballs and dips at parties...however I have recently purchased one and love it. I have been able to make these freezer meals ahead of time and the beauty of it is you get multiple meals and only have to clean up one mess! Plus it frees up my day when I pull one out, I can put it in the pot and get completely lost in my crafts (or naps) and by the time Ryan is home from work we have a meal ready to eat! I. Love. It. 

My next goal is to get our master bedroom ready for baby since I will not be traveling up the stairs to the nursery too often! I am pretty excited about this because (I can't believe I am admitting this) we have been using our queen size comforter on our new KING sized bed since we got it! I am so ready to quit fighting over the covers. So my goal is to redecorate and clean before baby for less than $100! Good luck to me, I am going to need it. Here is what I am thinking...

These colors came after lots of  "NO's" from the hubby! He axed turquoise, red, orange and teal! But we finally came to an agreement on these and I must say I am happy with it!
I am trying to keep it plain, simple, and cheap! So to start out the most important thing is the duvet, which I thought I had found at Target for only $35 but I couldn't seem to find it online today, hopefully they still have it at my local store! Lamps I plan on making myself from goodwill finds, I want beautiful emerald bases with grey shades! The headboard will have to be last, and even if I make it it may be a bit expensive. I did the one in our room now but it isn't tufted so this should be quite an undertaking but I am ready for the challenge.

Other than baby prep I was pretty busy this week making wreaths! I am super happy with the one I just made for my brother-in-law's front door...And what an accomplishment to make something that a man is willing to hang on his door!! Granted, his girlfriend bought it, I am just tickled he said it was "awesome".

I have to get back to cooking before I lose all my motivation!!
Any new parent advice is always welcome! Or funny stories. Or helpful hints. 
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is it spring yet?

I don't know about you but I am ready for spring and summer! I'm tired of all the dead grass and trees, ready to see some greenery and blossoming flowers! So since I can't just wave my magic wand and get all that to happen I decided to redecorate my mantel with some spring accents. And boy has it brightened my living room! It also makes me happy that my little Snugget is going to arrive to a bright and happy home. 

I love the fresh tulips, they have been blossoming out so beautifully the past few days. I don't know if you can tell, but the one farthest to the right is my favorite, it curves in a different direction every time I come in the room! Fits my life so crazy bloom just doing its thug thing ;)

On another note Dr says Snug is staying put for a few more weeks so I guess that means I need to waddle around my favorite craft stores a little more and hope to help this arrival come sooner rather than later!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Showers and Nesting...The countdown begins!

Since we returned from our trip to OKC I have been one busy bee. I have had two baby showers in two states, worked on Etsy sales, and had family in town for a shower gift deliver/visit! I feel like I should start out first by thanking the wonderful hostesses of both of my showers. These ladies did such an amazing job. My first shower was thrown by my neighbors who have been so wonderful to my husband and I since we moved in, it was really nice to feel a sense of family here in Texas since our family will be so far away when Snugget arrives! My shower at home was thrown by my loving family and was such a fun time, Snugget is already one spoiled baby!
Just a few of the wonderful neighbors who attended my shower!

My MawMaw and Mother!
So of course, along with showers comes lots of gifts and the where to put all of it! I must admit that since Ryan and I live out here without much friends or family to visit...we sometimes errr let's say let the house take over... So organize time it was! And we have been doing just that. With a couple of weekends to get one shower load settled in before the second load arrived I would say that we have done a rather nice job of cleaning and "baby-tizing".
My favorite part of the organization spree was the peg board organizer we added to my craft area!!
 I tend to get a little mad scientist in my area and let it start to overtake the rest of the living room and kitchen so having this board helps me to have everything where I can see it without it being strewn about the whole downstairs area!
Here is just a glimpse of how things went from really bad to MUCH better..

I really have to give it to myself for getting this done! I am so much happier working in this space now!!
And sadly I have just sent off my brother and grandmother back to Louisiana after they were so kind as to bring all the shower gifts from home since I flew out this time around. It is always so nice having people over, I just never want them to leave once they get here! We had a wonderful time though; we brought them to our favorite nail salon and got a great laugh at my overly ticklish 6'4" brother, had a great dinner and nice relaxing morning before they had to head back to the country. Ryan even set the camera up with the auto-timer so we could all get a picture together!

The next few weeks are going to be full of naps, baby gadgets and date nights as we await the arrival of baby Snugget! Only 4 weeks left!

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