Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Life in a Hotel: Meal #2

Day 2 and we are still holding strong to our eating in commitment! We are having Jo Mama's Famous Spaghetti  tonight. I do feel the need to say that I do know how to cook most of these recipes with no recipe to guide me, however my husband (the super planner) insisted on finding the recipes and writing me up a detailed list of groceries... sometimes I just oblige him, that's what good wives do every now and then..right?!

I feel like I need to talk about the utensils they give you at these hotels.

1 large 1 medium and 1 small serrated knife
1 large pot
1 sauce pan
1 small pot
a collinder
1 set of varios sized Pyrex bowls (thankfully with lids)
and a very small cutting board

Needless to say, my working conditions are less than favorable. Yet, I must say I have done a swell job of using what was given to get these meals accomplished! One large pot to make spaghetti? Thankfully the husband wasn't super hungry, because I had to boil the pasta first then use the sauce pan as a bowl to hold it while I made the sauce! No multi-tasking tonight, but plenty of improvising and even still finished the meal in around an hour and a half. Happy to say we have made it through and I got another back-for-seconds meal under my belt!

Must admit that the picture doesn't do it the tasty justice that it deserves, but here you go!


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  1. It was pretty good and spicy like I like it!