Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 1: Where do I start?!

So technically, today is my third work day off but...I am going to call it the first day since its Monday and, let's face it, I was pretty lazy Thursday and Friday. It was great though to be able to just enjoy a break from work!

So I have been up since early this morning, and while I have gotten a few things done I have really just been wandering around the house just thinking to myself  "where do I even start?" So I cleared the packing material from our new couches (over do I know) and pictures to come as soon as we get another man to help move our old bachelor pad couch upstairs, now I just sit in my craft room trying to finish up some half done projects, all the while looking at the large roll of fabric I bought to make curtains...yes, I am going to have to bite the bullet and get to it, there are just sooo many windows and this is really going to be a long project, but one I have been looking forward to finishing!

Hopefully by tomorrow I can post some progress photos of my curtains and the living room, those are my main priorities for now. So I guess I have decided where to start! Curtains and reassembled living room!

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