Thursday, June 28, 2012

Playing catch-up...Days 2&3:

Well I have had quite a long two days and not gotten as much accomplished as I hoped. I have however continued to get at least one project accomplished per day!

Monday I finished a panel of my curtains, I didn't hang it because I didn't have a rod and I want it to make sure it hung correctly before I started the other panel.

Then there was Tuesday...So project wise this is what was accomplished...

So while this doesn't necessarily look like a big deal it is!! This lamp was such a beat up eye sore, but my husband loves it because he hates our over head lights so the lamp had to stay, luckily
Rust-Oleum Hammered Dark Bronze came to the rescue! And honestly it is so much better now.

As for the rest of Tuesday it was spent at the store, like the brilliant person I am I took my car to Lowes to buy a 10ft. rod, so of course, I had to come home get Ryan's truck and go back then I spent a whole hour at The Home Depot looking for a bracket to hang the thing..litterally no one could help me...ahh I could continue on about this disaterous trip but I won't!

Wednesday was a bit more successful, so I wanted to create a roman shade for my back patio door that I found on Pinterest... Let's just say at least it is doing its job to block the sun and heat because it does not roll up! annnd maybe it is a bit crooked, but luckily I am just going to be able to add a valence to hide the fact that we had to hang it slanted in order to get the bottom even... I just have to laugh and hope i do better next time :) So here is a look pre-valance...

Regardless of it being crooked, I would still need to cover the holes from a previous curtain. So next up is valance pictures!

Woo! That was a long post but we are all caught up and ready for the next project!

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