Friday, June 22, 2012

My 'Bachelorless Pad'...

Today is my second day as a housewife, and well, let's just say it was a little more productive than the first! I hate to admit that I spent the whole day yesterday being the biggest, laziest bum ever! But today I was very productie, reshipped a wreath I made (long story), bought groceries, and thoroughly cleaned downstairs...well except for my craft area ;)
Anyway the main point of this post is to give the first view of my house and how I am doing my best to turn our rent house into a home!
While I have done my best to decorate, the bachelor pad couches just take over my living room!! I appologize for the monster T.V. in the background, another part of the bachelor furniture that will be moved to the man cave in the morning!

I am just more than excited to help anyone else that is stuck in the dilema that I am, in a rent house that you just want to feel like home! So over the next month I hope that I not only transform my home but give ideas that help you to spruce up your own!

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