Monday, July 2, 2012

The Weekend & Day 6:

I had a wonderful weekend!... Ladies night to see Magic Mike (yep I was one of those cackling ladies in the theather!), then finally I got another man in the house to help move the last of the bachelor pad out of my living room, and my dear friend Claire brought my sweet godchild Olivia over for a little pool time!

So for the reveal.... here is a reminder of the bachelor pad:

and now...

Ahhh!... I am so happy! It looks so great and I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. This could have been so bad, we had to buy them sight unseen because this was a model they did not have in the showroom! Luckily it turned out exactly how I wanted and now we have a real living room!

The next thing that I wanted to point out was....yes...those are terrible ugly window units in my house :( As I believe I have mentioned earlier we are renting for now until we feel like Ryan's job situationis more stable. What this means for us is we have to have some extra window units to supplement our insuffcient central AC. So since that is what it is I have done my best to dress it up! This is the easiest project ever! We wanted to make sure that we blocked as much outside heat as possible (we live in Dallas so that means 3 plus months of 100 plus heat!) so Ryan taped bubble wrap over the panels, that is a great way to insulate from the heat!

Next I took some 1 inch foam and covered it with a linen fabric I had left over from an old project. No sewing necessary a hot glue gun and you are good...

So that is the final look, its not the prettiest thing but it really finishes the sides if it is something you must have, and belive me here in Texas we MUST have these!

I am off to more adventures in sprucing up this house... can't wait to share more!

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